The Institute of Translation of Tunis

Zahia Jouirou

Director General

The Institute of Translation of Tunis is a national institution.Created following the Decree No. 401 of 2006, dated on February 03, 2006, It's a public institution with a non-administrative nature that enjoys legal personality and financial independence and is subject to the supervision of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs.

The Institute of Translation of Tunis aims to enhance the Tunisian cultural presence in the world cultural scene and to communicate with other cultures through the translation of books in Tunisian literature, human and social sciences, Tunisian historical, intellectual and cultural fields, translation of masterpieces of world literature, philosophical and linguistic, This section 119 books, in addition to a short translation of the Encyclopedia of Islam from English to Arabic, this manual contains 209 entries (about 6000 pages), and will end this translation this year

One of the new projects of the Institute is a brief translation of Universalis, in keeping with the encyclopedic publications of universal academic value. The Institute hopes to start this translation this year (2018) and to publish Tunisian literature in other languages. Rome is a book in the anthology of Tunisian poets, in addition to other periodicals devoted to Tunisian enlightenment, and to humanities and social sciences.

The Institute's program also includes a number of agreements: the Italian authors' union, the UNIVERSALIS Encyclopedia, Harmattan Publishing House, foreign cultural centers, etc., in addition to joint publishing with Tunisian and foreign publishing houses, publishing and electronic sales.

The Institute of Translation of Tunis also organizes workshops in the translation of creative, poetry and narrative texts for young creators, workshops on the translation of clips from the documentary sous titrage, and translated books in the spaces of the Tunis Institute for Translation and some cultural spaces.

In coordination with the institutions of Culture City (House of Novel, House of Poetry, and Tunis International Forum of Civilizations), the Institute offers a number of translated versions in the novel, poetry, thought and research


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Meeting with the Interpreter Mohamed Sassi
Presentation of the Book Tunisia a revolution in the Land of Islam by Yadh Ben Achour
Presentation of the Book Tunisia a revolution in the Land of Islam by Yadh Ben Achour
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