National Center for Cinema and Image(CNCI)
Slim Dargachi
Director General

The National Center for Cinema and Image (CNCI) was created following the Decree No. 86/2011 dated on September 13, 2011. According to the mentioned decree, the CNCI is a public non-administrative establishment with a legal body and an administrative and financial autonomy. Decree No. 753/201 dated on July 2. 2012 about the administrative and financial organization of the CNCI, stated that the CNCI has a General Direction with a strategic and prospecting council and also a management one.

The relocation of the headquarters of the CNCI in the City of Culture has consolidated its activities in a more suitable structure, including: the Tunisian Cinematheque directed by Hichem Ammar, 3 cinema halls, the Creative Digital Lab (CDL): a space for development and incubation of operators of the ecosystem, the Gaminig Lab: a space for testing and promoting the Tunisian video games and finally the Cinematographic Days of Carthage.

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The Tunisian Cinematheque

Inaugurated on March 21, 2018 and directed by Tarek Ben Chaabene, the Tunisian Cinematheque aims to promote and preserve films by projecting them through cinematographic cycles. It thus works to avoid their loss and make them alive in the memory of the large audience.

The Tunisian Cinematheque represents a space where projection works as a tool of resistance against time, it offers to the coming generations a well preserved heritage of images and movies.

Gaming Lab

Inaugurated in July 2018 and directed by Mohamed Amine Karoui and Achraf Taleb, The Gaming Lab has two main activities: Testing games in their beta versions and the development of e-sports.

These activities necessitate a team work with a group of game developers to make the various tests of software. The main objectives of this testing process is to detect the functional and compliance problems in the early steps of the development process.

Creative Digital Lab

The Creative Digital Lab was set up in 2018 by the CNCI at the City of Culture and offers hosting and training spaces representing a suitable environment for the development of digital creative projects (Games, Transmedia, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality), sharing of knowledge and skills, exchanging experiences, incubation and development.

The main mission of the Creative Digital Lab is to support the Tunisian youth community and talents (freelancers and startups) who are passionate about the creative and digital technologies by positioning themselves as a unifying and financially active agent in the ecosystem

The Cine 350 Hall

with a capacity of 350 seats, this new jewelry of the City has as main objectives the support of the Tunisian cinema and the promotion of the Tunisian films

"Cine 350" is open to Tunisian films and also offers the opportunity to watch foreign commercial movies like the otherTunisian halls do.

”Cine 350" will also support the role of the Cinematheque in charge of making closer the cinema culture to the general audience.