Mohamed Zinelabidine

Minister of Cultural Affairs

After so many years of waiting and uncertainty, the City of Culture was finally born to become an essential platform for the national cultural industries, with its various artistic Poles and theaters equal to those of the most developed countries, such as the Music and Opera Pole created at the same time with the Opera Theater, which represents the biggest hall dedicated to the artistic performances that has been built in Tunisia since the independence. Also, the Theater of Regions, devoted to host the creations of the most brilliant Tunisian artists from all the regions with no exclusion.

The City of Culture also offers to the young artists several spaces where they can freely express their creativity, namely the Theater of Young Creators, which represents one of the most suitable spaces where the creations of the young talents in the various artistic fields can be performed.

With the inauguration of the City of Culture, the echoes of the music and melodies performed by the artists of the recently created Orchestra and Choir of the Opera of Tunis, will resonate in all the new spaces of the City through the new creations and interpretations of works drawn from the universal musical repertoire.

Thus, the City of Culture will work to empower all forms of creation especially in the field of cinematography by the rehabilitation of the national cinema fund through a National Cinematheque awaited by several generations of filmmakers. The plastic arts are also at the heart of this new dynamic generated by the City through the transfer of the national fund of plastic arts to the City of Culture and the creation of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art with its galleries devoted for exhibitions.

Being a pioneer in the poetic field, with the creation of the first House of Poetry in the Arab world, Tunisia is the first Arab country that shines in the field of literature and the book with the creation of the first House of Novel in the Arab world, an institution of ideal convergence around the book in all its aspects and a privileged space for meetings between the novelists of the whole world. The City also offers spaces for dialogue and fruitful intellectual confrontation through its various forums, including the International Forum of Civilizations and the Forum of Tunisian Modernist Thought.

If we finally reached this historic moment, that of the inauguration of the City of Culture under the high patronage of the President of the Republic, M. Mohamed Beji Caid Essebsi, it is thanks to the permanent supervision of M. Youssef Chahed, Head of the Government, the great efforts of the different ministries and public institutions and also the commitment of the employees of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, with no exclusion, for the realization of this dream cherished by all artists, intellectuals, journalists and critics. They are all invited to take an active part in the enrichment of the programs and strategies of the City of Culture, their City and the Pole of all Poles of culture.